FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you’re thinking of attending a beauty academy you probably have many questions that need answering. Here are the top  most frequently asked questions about attending cosmetology school and answers from The Pro Beauty Academy.

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It’s true that not all beauty schools are created equal. At the Pro Beauty Academy we teach the latest trends in cut and color, put an emphasis on career building while in school, and give you the knowledge you need to be a successful entrepreneur. Our high gainful employment rate says it all.

The Pro Beauty Academy currently offers courses in Cosmetology, Barbering, Skincare Specialty, Nail Technology and Refresher. We also have an Teacher Training programfor licensed cosmetologists  who would like to become teachers.

You are taught everything you need to know about hair, skin, nails to become salon-ready upon graduation. You also benefit from courses that emphasize career building and entrepreneurship. Since each state requires certification, you must pass a licensing exam to become a cosmetologist, a crucial step that are you prepare for while attending cosmetology school.

Tuition rates at The Pro Beauty Academy varies for different program offered, but we assure you that our tuition is very competitive among the beauty schools in New Jersey. Remember that attending beauty school is an investment in your future as a beauty professional. Plus, there are ways to fund your education through scholarships, loans and federal grants, making it easier than ever to pay for your education.

There are endless opportunities in the beauty industry! You could have the chance to work in a salon, open your own business, work behind the scenes in Hollywood, style runway models’ hair, work with a fashion magazine, and much more.

Yes. All services are performed by students under the supervision of licensed instructors. Students must complete certain educational requirements before performing services in the clinic.

The best way to get started toward your new career is to contact an Admissions Advisor. Our advisors will guide you through every step of the beauty school enrollment process.

The ProBeauty Academy is pleased to inform that we do not participate in Financial Aid right now but we will be offering Federal Financial Aid soon for many of our programs. Aid is based primarily on financial need and varies for each student. After speaking with an Admissions Advisor, you will be able to meet with our Financial Aid Officer to determine what options are available for you!